South Dakota’s Early Childhood Enrichment (ECE) system promotes the health, safety, and development of young children in early childhood programs. The ECE statewide training system was established to meet the growing demand for early childhood and school-age training and to help recruit and retain quality child care providers across South Dakota.

We provide early childhood and school-age education services and technical assistance. Services are available to all child care and after-school providers, parents and others involved in the day to day care of children and youth.

South Dakota has five different ECE sites located throughout the state. Take a look at the map below to find out which region you are in.

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For Licensed & Registered Childcare Providers

Space for 100 Participants

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Our Mission

We believe that every child in South Dakota deserves safe and responsive care. Every adult who impacts children should have the necessary resources, training and supports to provide exceptional care in enriching environments.

SD ECE System

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Free to parents and caregivers of infants and preschoolers


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Comments from previous ECE trainings.

Building Resiliency/ Mindfulness
• Amazing training
• Be safe.
• Very helpful tools • This training was very helpful.
• Thank you for giving this training
• I really enjoyed this training!! Awesome stuff!
• The class was very useful and giving techniques of coping and working with the children...
• thank you for taking the time to teach us some new ways to communicate and deal with life in this pandemic
• work on mindfulness
• I enjoy every training I’m able to attend thank you so much
• thank you for taking this time to teach us new techniques about child care settings • I didn’t know what mindfulness was but now i do.
• love the trainings • I appreciate these trainings; they are really useful.
• self-care
• Thank you so much for the training I learn so much!
• Thanks🙏

Rosebud Sioux Tribe Childcare Program

Read for Resilience
• Love learning more of these.
• great class
• enjoy this training • I enjoy the break room discussions
• I'm anxious to try this on my children to see the outcome.
• due to pandemic I am teaching my granddaughter.
• Loved the training • Keep reading to my kids I never really did this but I will now
• read, read, read • very interesting class
• Thanks so much! Awesome training. Thank you for all that you guys do!
• Thank you!! :)
• I like the new books I learned about tonight
• reading is the best
• Reading is very important for all ages, also to make sure to use gestures, role playing, with puppets too
• Reading is very important for everyone of all ages • always read to the child
• I enjoyed the class
• The class was so fun last night,

Rosebud Sioux Tribe Childcare Program

I appreciate all that you do, all of your ideas, and the encouragement and help that you have given me as well as the girls on the floor. You and Stephanie are amazing, and Pierre / Fort Pierre is so blessed to be home to two PHENOMENAL Early Childhood Specialists. 

Moriah Kiepke